Dan O'Brien - 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist and Decathlon World Record Holder.

Gwen Torrence - Olympic Gold Medalist, 200m.

Earnest Byner - Baltimore Ravens Running Back. 2 Time all Pro & Super Bowl Champ.

Diane Guthrie-Gresham - 5 Time NCAA Champion and 2 Time Olympian.

Matt Stover - NFL Kicker Baltimore Ravens.

Robert Emmian - European Long Jump Record Holder 29' 1".

And Many More...


Bob Kersee - Coach of Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Gail Devers.

Arnie Kander - The strength coach for the Detroit Pistons.

Don Chu - President of the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Loren Seagrave - Speed Dynamics - World renowned sprinting authority.

Randy Hunnington - Coach of Mike Powell (World Record Holder in Long Jump).

Frank Costello - Coach of the Washington Capitols - NHL Hockey.

Jerry Simmons - Strength Coach Baltimore Ravens.

And Many More...


The USA VISA Decathlon Team - The top ten US Decathletes.

George Mason University - 1996 Indoor National Track & Field Champions.

The Detroit Pistons.

The Baltimore Ravens.

The Washington Capitols.

And Many More...