Athletes/Coaches Tips and Links
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Hurdle Drill - My favorite trail leg drill. A hurdlers must, for a fast trail leg.
Michael Johnson's sprinting tips (link).

USPVA. United States Pole Vault Academy. For the beginner to the World Class Pole Vaulter. Great information here.
U.S.A. Track & Field. The governing body of Track & Field in the United States.
Track & Field News.  Dr. Horwitz, 1996 Olympic Team Chiropractor - Great site for injuries, nutrition, and health.
American Track & Field.
Dan Kaplan's Run-Down Site, Includes The Training Partner/Resource Locator, Event Calendars, Discussion Forums, and Training Information
Speedy Equipment. Cool Speed training equipment from Switzerland.
Vaultworld. Great Pole Vaulting site.
Sydney Athletics Website. Countdown to Sydney 2000 Olympic Games with training info and more
Long & Strong Throwers Page. Cool site for throwers. Great Links.
Masters Track & Field Home Page
Track & Field Statistics On-Line.
British Athletics Home Page.
Do-It Sports. Running, Cycling, Walking, & link to USA T&F
Bill Roe's Tracknet. An active Committee member for USA T&F since 1982.
FINISHLYNX & CyberScoreboard. The world's leading authority on sports timing & results integration.
Runner's World Online.