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FOOT FLEXR can help anyone in any sport sprint faster because it helps to:

-Teach proper running technique of the foot
-Dorsi-Flex the foot
-Reduce contact with the ground, while sprinting
-Make your recovery phase more efficient, thus increase your rate of turn over
-Ingrain muscle memory to make proper foot positioning a habit
-Prevent shin splints
-Create less stress on the hamstring
-Increase strength and endurance in the calf muscles
-Prevent breaking while running
-Keep the foot "loaded" for quicker force/velocity on ground strike

Wear it and Run Faster!

Interview with Loren Seagrave (World renowned sprinting specialist), November 1997
"We (Speed Dynamics) have been talking about the importance of dorsi-flexion since the 70s.  We were championing the cause to try and develop systems by which you could cue, or say words or paint pictures with words to get the athlete to dorsi-flex.   Now with FOOT FLEXR, and some other attempts, FOOT FLEXR being the best one, we are able to have the athlete emulate the activity. By using FF athletes have a better kinesthetic awareness of what action or what the muscle action is required.  FOOT FLEXR increases running efficiency. This is the central idea for the citizen racer.    Increasing running efficiency allows you to reduce what is called oxygen cost of running which is a very logical way of saying run faster for the same amount of oxygen.   So that's the big buzz word in terms of distance and any other kind of running."

The Secret to FOOT FLEXR's Success!
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