What is Dorsi-Flex?
The dorsi-flexed (toes up) position is the proper sprint biomechanic position of the foot. The two main reasons to dorsi-flex the foot are: 1) Your lower leg creates a shorter lever during your stride recovery phase, making it a much faster and more efficient movement.
2) If your foot is dorsi-flexed when you approach the ground strike, you will drive off the ground more quickly and efficiently. If your foot is hanging down when you go to strike the ground, you will create a breaking action where you must reload the foot upon ground strike to drive off of it. You can see this happen with runners who spend a lot of time on the ground. They typically have problems with leaning back while sprinting.

Why use FOOT FLEXR? 
FOOT FLEXR is a training tool that helps to teach dorsi-flexion of the foot. By attaching the Velcro cuff around your ankle and the elastic strap to the front of your shoe (using a cable tie through the last set of shoe lace holes) you can tighten the elastic strap to help teach you to dorsi-flex the foot. We made the strap elastic to allow you to extend the foot through normal sprinting motions. You can also adjust the level of resistance on the foot by tightening or loosening the elastic strap. As with all equipment, always start easy and add resistance as you become used to the new position.

The perfect training tool.
Many athletes have considerable trouble learning to dorsi-flex the foot because they don’t know what the proper position feels like. FOOT FLEXR gives the athletes the chance to feel the correct position while training, and conditions them to keep it.   Through repetitive reinforcement and consistent use, the proper foot position will become a natural habit.

IMPORTANT! Read this before you use FOOT FLEXR!

How do I use FOOT FLEXR?
As with all new movements and exercises you should begin using FOOT FLEXR easy, and then gradually increase resistance as the athlete’s comfort level rises with each new position. Every athlete will start at a different level of ability.

How tight should I adjust the strap for the first week using FOOT FLEXR?
For example, athletes who point their toes all the time should start by lightly tightening the elastic strap so that the foot is at an angle between 135 to 125 degrees with respect to the lower leg.  For all other athletes, start with medium tension on the strap with the foot at an angle between 125 to 100 degrees.

How should I use FOOT FLEXR during the first week? 
During the first week, use FOOT FLEXR for 20 -40 minutes per day, concentrating on working with the strap and not against it. Do your running and form drills, striders, and non-ballistic training with your FOOT FLEXR on. If you are a toe pointer, you will also need to work on adjusting your forward lean In the beginning you may feel awkward, but this is normal for an athlete who is breaking a bad habit. The secret to FOOT FLEXR is that it replaces the bad habit with correct running form -- enabling you to run more quickly and efficiently.

What should I do when I’m comfortable (and not fighting) the current level
of resistance?

If you are comfortable with the new position and level of resistance after the first week, you can add more resistance gradually, until you get to the optimum 90 degree level. You can also wear your FOOT FLEXR during sprinting workouts, intervals, hills, plyometrics, bounding, stadium stairs, hurdles, and any workout that requires speed and the dorsi-flexed position. When the proper dorsi-flexed position becomes a habit, use your FOOT FLEXR periodically to positively reinforce this habit and assure that you will keep it forever.

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